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Suzanne Bendick, CLC   406.570.0738
Doula Services
Everyone always asks me, "so what exactly do you do?" The honest answer is that my job, like every family, is always evolving. Essentially, I "mother the mother" to protect and support her ability to take care of her newborn while helping the family create a rhythm that feels both sustainable and nurturing. Depending on the actual birth and the needs of your family, this can range from emotional support during the immediate postpartum period to practical help with running the household. It is hard to predict exactly what will be needed, but I will come with suggestions each day for ways I can help lighten your load. 

I offer a free pre-natal meeting with a family to establish a relationship and develop a care plan based on your family’s anticipated needs and wants. This plan can always be modified to meet the changing needs of the family once the new baby has arrived.

If your baby is already here and you are considering having help, it's not too late.  I am happy for us to get to know each other on the first visit. 
every mama needs some
Some things I will provide: 

  •  lactation support
  •  emotional support 
  •  information about newborn sleep and feeding patterns 
  • soothing techniques for you and your baby
  • meal preparation and planning
  • grocery shopping
  • babycare while you take a nap or shower 
  • errands
  • listening ear and a good laugh
  • light housework including laundry
  • referrals to local resources
  • information about a range of Postpartum Mood disorders 
Some things I do not do: 

  • Drive members of your family (although I will happily ride along in your car to doctor visits or other outings)
  • Give medical advice
  •  Heavy housework (mopping, cleaning bathrooms, windows, etc.)
By allowing me to be your extra set of hands, you will be able to find balance as a new mother without sacrificing "you" time. "You" time can be defined as follows:  

Any activity or lack thereof that contributes to your overall well-being and creates a fresh perspective on your role as mother.
Fees are charged at $30/hour, including lactation support. 

I also offer Gift Cards as they are great Baby Shower or Blessingway gifts!!  For more information, contact me directly at suzanne@freshairmama.com.
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